Pricing Info

Here is some general pricing for a few things I offer, but again, please email me with your ideas! I will be able to give you a much more accurate estimate of pricing on your exact project plans!


Acrylic paintings, by canvas size I most commonly use:

8″x10″ = ~$20-$60

11″x14″ = ~$50-90

16″x20″ = ~$70-$120

(Price will increase/decrease in this way with bigger/smaller sizes!)

I am also available for painting windows, large walls, landscapes, small watercolor paintings (postcards, prints, etc), digital paintings, and more ! Email me with your ideas!!!


I am available to create most crocheted items! I have experience making a wide variety of items, which you can browse here ! Please email me with your crochet needs, as this category will have the widest range of pricing! It is highly dependent on your specific project !!!

Some pricing examples:

Pins: $2-15

Keychains: $5-20

Nintendo Switch Case: $40-50

Loveys/Baby blankets: $50-100

Stuffed critters 🙂 : $20-50

Blankets (very dependent on size/complexity, these are rather large projects!): $150-350+

tell me abt yr crochet ideas <3 i would love to make something new !

Digital Art, Writing, Image Macro, Misc. Art

All sorts of art can fall into this category, so contact me with your ideas! I’d be happy to work with you!

Some general pricing examples:

Image macro (digital copy, can be made into print, see print pricing): $1.11 – 5.55

MS paint drawings (digital copy, can be made into print): $2-10

Custom print (cardstock w/ sheet protector): $5.55

Thought of something else? Email me! Let’s give it a try!


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