Below you will find some of my poems! If you enjoy them, I currently have 2 chapbooks, horse songs and you are only light!

i am not religious i am just really tuned into my own heart.png


crush me down small like i am a bean
compact my skin and guts
grind me down

i am smaller and smaller than anything
it seems even sometimes the light cannot reach me

(foolish , i am the light)

i stood, release pouring down on me
an arch stretched out above
rainbow belt on a sleepy gray

hundreds of copies of me rolling past

and i was fearless

my heart did not pick up speed
hidden under the plastic weight
hanging from my hands

only the cool blanket of oneness
draped over my shoulders

only a thirst quenching safety
breathing on my belly

dance back to me in the rain
i’m going to kiss you here forever

i only eat food if it is roughly hot dog -like
if it is not comparable to a hot dog i won’t eat it

sometimes for breakfast i load up a hot dog bun full of cereal
and dip it in plant milks


how wonderful it is to be me now
a me that you never touched

it was so real then
2 windblown souls grown strong through controversy
interlocked hands harmonizing the best Love
we could muster in the frothing mouth of hatred

my skin was a shredded mattress
my body ballooning and wasting away

your anger igniting truths i wouldn’t recognize
your mirrors projecting fear into your own eyes

the reality of this too extreme to cope with

my heart is a broken compact mirror thinking about our Love

thank you for playing your role in our drama
thank you for the lessons we have learned together
thank you for the lessons we have learned at the expense of each other

I Love You For Everything You Are ,
Thank You For Being In My Life,
And Thank You For Leaving It 🙂




my love is a spiral staircase stretching upward forever
i am following your footsteps up the banister
you are sweating and saying “wow this is a lot of stairs,
he he !”

experience my heart like it is a gym class parachute
all together we can take the sides of the fabric
flick our arms toward the sky at once
and tuck our small bodies underneath it all

the rainbow light is falling on your face

balloons popping in the sky and raining downward
paint shaking out of machines
cuffing my ankles to the baseboards

LOVE beyond control, spitting up out of me
LOVE without control, a mirror for your chest

i am thankful i even get to know you
that is all i have to say about that


pig poem.PNG


fall back into my sounds
quietly listen to my small voice ,
i am fearful but calling out

i am asking ,
“please listen”

give me your hands and i will hold them
give me your wounds and i will kiss them

just watch me , i will press my lips right on the blood

i will wear my poems as a lighthouse –
if you are consumed by your aquatic emotion
trapped under the great tongues of the waves
eroding with the sand

i am here for you

i will paint with my liquid colors ,
dipping my brushes in the shade of trauma

when the portrait is finished i will wash the acrylics down the drain
swirling the bristles in a tight circle
bending all of the little hairs

under the weight of your music i am pressurized coal
the whispers of deadness – a dark ash –
windblown from the maps of me

i am older than i have ever been and
i am figuring out how to live

nfl star story 2.PNG

when i see a daisy it looks like you.png


i will screw on my most destructive hands
walk them up my shirt, caressing gently the fabric
fingers doing the dancing
landing on the waterfall of my throat
the hard pipes housing the whistling of my breath

imagine the beauty of my calm body
floating down from heaven out of breath

i was fascinated by the threat of dying
my sweet heart a piece of frozen meat




we can be loving if you want

you can take your hand and leave it in my hand

i could squeeze it in my fingers like an airy promise

i could kiss the crescent moons of your nails with my wooly face

i could flash my feathers in the casted light of the fading daytime

i can see my love for you unrolling effortlessly outward forever

do you want to join in this soft space with me?


and so the sky cracked open
pouring her buckets carefully across the soft piles of the earth

when i look at you i see the miracle of God
and that is a poem in itself

i wonder about the true closeness of us
what is the image of me reflected into your eyes?

you feel like you are inches away —
a force field wrapped tight around you

my emotions ricocheting off of you
afraid to come through

calm & collected

i want to know the truth of you
i want to see where our love could go if we let it fly

i want to keep giving you warm water
i want to keep using ink next to you
i want to keep meeting new moss behind you

i love you now and in any form

steadiness vs separation







you are real to me
i can slowly extend my arm like a robot would do
graze curious fingertips
press palms into the valley
roll stretched muscles under two thumbs
and i can feel you are real under them

i can look between your closing eyelids
and see the mirror melt away
i become it
i become you and me and the space between us
the way love steams out of me,
boiled from a hot hot heart

darling you are my ________
you can take anything you want and place it in the space there